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UPDATE: No Drones for Hunting in NS: Local Hunters Group

HALIFAX — The president of the Nova Scotia Federation of Anglers and Hunters says some people are taking the hunt out of hunting with the use of drones and he wants legislation to keep them grounded.

Ian Avery says his group adopted a policy against using drones for hunting three years ago, but hasn’t been able to convince the province to update its legislation.

“Our provincial government suggests they have enough teeth in the Wildlife Act to prosecute an individual if they utilize drones for hunting. But we’ve suggested for a number of years that they need to physically put that in the legislation so people understand that it cannot be used,” he said Monday.

Avery said the current legislation refers to the use of an aerial vehicle or vessel while hunting, but he believes the wording needs to be more specific.

But a spokeswoman for the Nova Scotia government disagreed, saying the existing wording is sufficient.

“Drones are considered as aircraft under federal legislation and as such are also considered aircraft under our legislation. You cannot use aircraft to hunt under our legislation and this would include searching for wildlife for the purpose of hunting,” Krista Higdon said in a statement.

British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have updated their legislation to reflect the growing popularity in the use of the radio controlled quadcopters.

In B.C., offenders can be hit with fines of as much as $250,000 and two years in jail.


Source: UPDATE: No drones for hunting in NS: local hunters group

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