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Firm to introduce home delivery via self-flying drones in UAE

Ordering food and having it delivered to your doorstep via a self-flying drone will soon be a reality

With self-flying drones, purchases can be delivered to customer’s home address within minutes.

Dubai: A new drone service is being introduced in the UAE that will soon revolutionise the way food and other home deliveries are done.

A Dubai-based company has just partnered with an American firm to offer customers the opportunity to place their orders – be they grocery items, food or spare parts – and have them delivered to their home within minutes via a self-flying drone.

Eniverse Technologies, a technology group in the UAE, and Skycart, a San Francisco-based drones company, announced on Tuesday that they will start approaching businesses to make the smart solution a reality.

The idea is to deploy self-flying drones that can deliver packages weighing no more than five kilos to customers’ homes across the UAE.

The service is scheduled to launch any time between 2018 and 2019, and will initially operate in select communities, including Emirates Hills, The Meadows, The Springs, The Greens, Jumeirah and Umm Suqeim.


Source: Firm to introduce home delivery via self-flying drones in UAE

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