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Make their jaws drop: 6 starter tips for drone marketing Commercial Drone Applications Top Drone News Stories 

Make their jaws drop: 6 starter tips for drone marketing

Many online property listings have photos that fail to highlight the positives, often due to limited spatial ability. When trying to sell property with a six-figure value, a drone investment can be extremely worthwhile for real estate agents. Drones provide elevated imagery, at a much more affordable price than hiring a service. Viable drones start at around $500, with even the barest models providing more of an impression than conventional cameras. Real estate agents considering employing drone technology for improved listing imagery should consider the six tips below, to take…

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Drone Competitions Drone Products and Reviews Top Drone News Stories 

DJI offers free drone rentals in photo contest, will award drones to winners

Why it matters to you Photographers with the itch to go aerial but without the right gear have the chance to win a DJI Mavic Pro in a contest involving free drone rentals. DJI and National Geographic are partnering for an aerial photo contest — but photographers may not even need to own a drone to enter. The My Mavic Contest runs through October 31 on Instagram, but unlike other aerial photography contests, DJI is offering free two-week rentals of the Mavic Pro to randomly selected applicants. The contest runs…

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Fully autonomous drone maker Airobotics nabs $32.5M, Top Drone News Stories 

Fully autonomous drone maker Airobotics nabs $32.5M, expands …

Airobotics, a startup building autonomous drones for the enterprise sector that do not require humans to get involved in any aspect of operating them, has picked up $32.5 million in funding to expand its business into defense and homeland security, and to expand its business globally. The Series C round was led by BlueRun Ventures China, with participation also from Microsoft Ventures, and an another unnamed strategic investor. Microsoft is also a strategic in this case — Ran Krauss, Airobotics’ CEO and co-founder (and a longtime entrepreneur in the…

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DJI drones are getting an offline mode for secret flights Drone Products and Reviews New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

DJI drones are getting an offline mode for secret flights

Although the army did not elaborate on its memo, it’s thought the decision may have been spurred by DJI’s data collection. You see, the company’s DJI GO 4 app reportedly uploads details of flight records by default — including telemetry, video and audio — to its servers in the US, China and Hong Kong. It also doesn’t help that hackers have previously shown they can break into the app and fiddle with the drones’ flight elevation restrictions. For its part, DJI told The NY Times it hasn’t been in touch…

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Drones Helping Fight Pollution Commercial Drone Applications New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

Drones Helping Fight Pollution in a Massive Chinese Factory Town

Drones are regularly used in infrastructure inspections, agricultural monitoring, and safety and rescue operations. And not just in America; this is also the case in the Chinese city of Dongguan, revealingly known as the world’s factory for the amount of manufacturing that happens there. According to the Xinhua news agency, the amount of market entities (read: factories) registered in this city surpassed 900,000 earlier this year. Naturally, this makes it extremely difficult for environmental inspectors to observe all the factories in regards to safety standards and unlawful disposing of chemicals….

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Drone Can Pinpoint a Specific Package New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

This Drone Can Pinpoint a Specific Package in a Giant Warehouse

Manually scanning inventory in a giant warehouse is extremely time-consuming and prone to mistakes. But with a new system created by scientists from the MIT Media Lab, drones might one day do the work for us. And even better, they’ll do it more efficiently and accurately. A prototype created by the scientists can catalogue items instantly as the drones fly up and down the aisles. They called the new system RFly, which involves two novel features: A custom-built circuit board that can be mounted on many existing indoor drones, and…

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Protect Delivery Drones from Grocery Thieves New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

New Technology to Protect Delivery Drones from Grocery Thieves

It’s a problem only the 21st century could bring: how to stop people nicking their neighbour’s groceries from a self-driving delivery drone. Starship Technologies is currently running trials of its autonomous rovers, which trundle along the ground carrying goods to order, in Greenwich. At the moment, the vehicles have a single compartment to transport items. This is locked during the journey and can only be opened by the recipient via a smartphone app. In the future, however, according to a European patent, neighbourhoods will be hooked up to hyper-local social…

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DJI Drone Bug Drone Products and Reviews Top Drone News Stories 

DJI launches bug bounty program for its software and drones

DJI wants security researchers to turn their attention to its software and drones and will pay for discovered bugs or exploits. Called The DJI Threat Identification Reward Program, the program aims to create a formal line of communication between researchers and hackers to the drone maker. The company will pay between $100 and $30,000 for qualifying bugs, “depending on the potential impact of the threat.” This program comes after a high profile ban by the U.S. Army grounded the company’s drones after unspecified “cyber vulnerabilities” were discovered. Immediately following that…

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Latest Drone Technology New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

The Dark and Light Sides of Latest Drone Technology

Drones, the small flying machines carrying cameras, have become a modern-day blessing and a curse for law enforcement and scientists. “The thing that can kind of keep you up at night is somebody using it to harm people. We’ve seen that already,” said Larry Satterwhite, Houston Police Department’s assistant chief over homeland security. Drones have become easily accessible to consumers at relatively low costs. Law enforcement officials and researchers said people are using them to harm others. Drones as threats “There are actual cases in the United States and in…

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SFPUC Drone Use Drones In The News Global Drone Regulations Top Drone News Stories 

SFPUC Drone Use : First City Department to Set Policy for Drones

The first city department in San Francisco adopted a policy on Tuesday to begin deploying drones. In May, The City said five departments could start using drones if they adopted their own drone-use policies and adhered to certain rules to address privacy concerns. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission unanimously approved its policy to allow the use of drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles, for three purposes: construction management, environmental monitoring and documentation, and inspection of SFPUC properties and assets. Mary Ellen Carroll, SFPUC’s emergency planning and security director, identified…

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