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Make their jaws drop: 6 starter tips for drone marketing Commercial Drone Applications Top Drone News Stories 

Make their jaws drop: 6 starter tips for drone marketing

Many online property listings have photos that fail to highlight the positives, often due to limited spatial ability. When trying to sell property with a six-figure value, a drone investment can be extremely worthwhile for real estate agents. Drones provide elevated imagery, at a much more affordable price than hiring a service. Viable drones start at around $500, with even the barest models providing more of an impression than conventional cameras. Real estate agents considering employing drone technology for improved listing imagery should consider the six tips below, to take…

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Drones Helping Fight Pollution Commercial Drone Applications New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

Drones Helping Fight Pollution in a Massive Chinese Factory Town

Drones are regularly used in infrastructure inspections, agricultural monitoring, and safety and rescue operations. And not just in America; this is also the case in the Chinese city of Dongguan, revealingly known as the world’s factory for the amount of manufacturing that happens there. According to the Xinhua news agency, the amount of market entities (read: factories) registered in this city surpassed 900,000 earlier this year. Naturally, this makes it extremely difficult for environmental inspectors to observe all the factories in regards to safety standards and unlawful disposing of chemicals….

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self-flying drones in UAE Commercial Drone Applications Top Drone News Stories 

Firm to introduce home delivery via self-flying drones in UAE

Ordering food and having it delivered to your doorstep via a self-flying drone will soon be a reality With self-flying drones, purchases can be delivered to customer’s home address within minutes. Dubai: A new drone service is being introduced in the UAE that will soon revolutionise the way food and other home deliveries are done. A Dubai-based company has just partnered with an American firm to offer customers the opportunity to place their orders – be they grocery items, food or spare parts – and have them delivered to their…

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10 Ways Drones Are Changing Your World Commercial Drone Applications Top Drone News Stories 

10 Ways Drones Are Changing Your World

(Consumer Reports)–Drones have been a hot topic in the news for some time. Depending on what you’ve read, they’re devastatingly effective weapons of war, the next big threat to personal privacy, a revolutionary leap in video technology, or hazardous toys capable of chopping your fingers off. To be fair, there’s a measure of truth to all those statements. But you might be surprised to learn that drones will soon affect our everyday lives in a host of useful ways. People are already using them to deliver fast food to hungry…

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Using Drones To Inspect Commercial Drone Applications 

Contractors, Insurance Companies Using Drones To Inspect Storm Damage

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (WCCO) — Some contractors and insurance companies are using drones to inspect homes for damage after storms. Stinson Services owner Ryan Stinson said he began using his drone this summer. “The less time you can spending walking on a roof the longer it is going to last,” Stinson said. Instead of a person walking around a roof, Stinson uses the drone to record the area and reviews the footage. On Wednesday, Stinson examined a roof for Bloomington couple Lee and Linda Rasmussen. The Rasmussen’s were concerned they may…

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