Trump's newest drone pilot program shows more problems than promise. Drones In The News Top Drone News Stories 

New Drone Pilot Program – Is This Good News for the Drone Community?

If you haven’t heard about the Trump Administration’s newest plans involving drones, we’ll go ahead and assume that you live in a closet. But for the sake of clarification and enlightenment, here are the latest details on Trump’s drone pilot program. A Presidential Memorandum : New Drone Pilot Program Last month, the White House announced a new drone pilot program that they hope will foster drone innovation. While the FAA won’t lose their role, localities have just been handed a metaphorical megaphone in influencing regional regulations. Basically, this pilot program…

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AT&T's LTE Drones Are Providing Cellular Service to People in Puerto Rico Commercial Drone Applications Drones In The News New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

AT&T’s LTE Drones Are Providing Cellular Service to People in Puerto Rico

AT&T Provides Hurricane Relief to Puerto Rico Like most decent human beings, we’re all about helping those in need. So, we can all agree that AT&T’s newest move in aiding a ravaged Puerto Rico is not only generous, but it’s awesome and innovative. The marriage of the most popular autonomous vessel and AT&T’s claim to fame has produced their newest bundle of joy: the Flying COW. No, we’re not talking about an aerial bovine. It’s AT&T’s ‘Cell on Wings’, a drone capable of an simultaneously supporting up to 8,000 people….

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CNN gets a first-of-its-kind waiver to fly drones over crowds Drones In The News Top Drone News Stories 

CNN gets a first-of-its-kind waiver to fly drones over crowds

CNN has won an interesting waiver regarding its commercial drone operating license with the FAA – an exemption that allows it to fly its Vantage Robotics Snap drone over open-air crowds of people at altitudes of up to 150 feet. This is a new precedent in this kind of waiver: Previous exemptions allowed flight of drones over people in closed set operations (like for filmmaking purposes) and only when tethered, with a max height of 21 feet. The new waiver granted to CNN, as secured through its legal counsel Hogan…

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With First Commercial Air Collision, Is A Drone Disaster Inevitable? Drones In The News Top Drone News Stories 

With First Commercial Air Collision, Is A Drone Disaster Inevitable?

A SZ DJI Technology Co. Phantom 3 drone flies into the face of a crash test dummy during unmanned aerial systems (UAS) test experiments on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, U.S., on Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017. There is little disagreement that the small- and medium-sized drones flooding the U.S. market can cause serious injury or even death in a worst-case scenario. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg Drones are everywhere. The Los Angeles Police Department today got approval from a civilian review panel to deploy drone patrollers to “protect and…

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Sprint turns drones into cell towers - CNET Drones In The News New Drone Technology 

Sprint turns drones into cell towers – CNET

Sprint tested its cell tower-on-a-drone technology in Texas last week. Sprint is taking cell service airborne by mounting lightweight cellular radios to drones. The wireless carrier said this week it has successfully adapted its Magic Box signal boosting technology to fit on a drone to provide temporary cell coverage up to 10 square miles. The company tested the set-up, which uses a lighter version of the mini cell tower and a drone from CyPhy Works, last week in Texas 30 miles outside of Dallas. Sprint launched the Magic Box earlier…

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SFPUC Drone Use Drones In The News Global Drone Regulations Top Drone News Stories 

SFPUC Drone Use : First City Department to Set Policy for Drones

The first city department in San Francisco adopted a policy on Tuesday to begin deploying drones. In May, The City said five departments could start using drones if they adopted their own drone-use policies and adhered to certain rules to address privacy concerns. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission unanimously approved its policy to allow the use of drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles, for three purposes: construction management, environmental monitoring and documentation, and inspection of SFPUC properties and assets. Mary Ellen Carroll, SFPUC’s emergency planning and security director, identified…

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DJI Drone Kept Data Safe Drones In The News 

Government Study Revealed U.S. Army-Banned, DJI Drone Kept Data Safe

Late last week, news broke that the US Army had issued a memo asking units to discontinue the use of DJI drones while the military investigated potential cyber vulnerabilities. There wasn’t much detail on what the exact concerns were or where they stemmed from, but it turns out that another federal agency recently looked into the issue. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which collects a lot of data on weather, did a study in October 2016 with the DJI S-1000 drone to “better understand if any data collected by…

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The U.S. Military to down Drones over U.S. Bases Anti-drone Technology Drones In The News Global Drone Regulations Top Drone News Stories 

US Military to down Drones Flying over US Bases

The guidance was issued to domestic military installations Friday following classified guidelines that were first issued in July by then-Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work. Friday’s guidance was designed to help bases communicate with local communities about the new restrictions. “The increase of commercial and private drones in the United States has raised our concerns with regards to safety and security of our installations,” US Navy Capt. Jeff Davis told reporters at the Pentagon Monday. Military analysts have long been concerned about the possibility of drones being used against the US…

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gun-wielding drone Drones In The News New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

Gun-wielding Drone Is Now a Thing, and That’s Somewhat Worrying

In what is quite possibly the most frightening news beyond impending nuclear war, an American military drone company has developed a gun-wielding drone. Yes, that’s right, a drone equipped with an assault rifle intended to fight in hot conflict. They’ve even made a hilarious photoshopped image of what said drone may look like in combat against insurgents. I say hilarious, it’s also harrowing. The TIKAD, developed by Duke Robotics, is intended to be the soldier of the future, a tool that means there’s no need for soldiers to enter into…

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DJI Spark drones Drone Products and Reviews Drones In The News Top Drone News Stories 

Some DJI Spark drones are falling from the sky, and that’s to be expected

Yesterday Quartz reported that a little over a dozen customers had complained on DJI forums about their new Spark drones mysteriously shutting down and falling from the sky in midflight. Today, DJI acknowledged the issue in a statement: “DJI is aware of a small number of reports involving Spark drones that have lost power mid-flight. Flight safety and product reliability are top priorities. Our engineers are thoroughly reviewing each customer case and working to address this matter urgently. DJI products are tested for thousands of hours, and the overwhelming number…

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