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gun-wielding drone Drones In The News New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

Gun-wielding Drone Is Now a Thing, and That’s Somewhat Worrying

In what is quite possibly the most frightening news beyond impending nuclear war, an American military drone company has developed a gun-wielding drone. Yes, that’s right, a drone equipped with an assault rifle intended to fight in hot conflict. They’ve even made a hilarious photoshopped image of what said drone may look like in combat against insurgents. I say hilarious, it’s also harrowing. The TIKAD, developed by Duke Robotics, is intended to be the soldier of the future, a tool that means there’s no need for soldiers to enter into…

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Chinese Underwater Drones New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

Chinese Underwater Drones Eyed for Possible Sub-detection Role

Can Chinese underwater drones help track foreign submarines? A Chinese research expedition claims to have made major breakthroughs operating Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV) collecting hydrographic information with potentially significant military application for submarine operations. While the original Chinese report hints at some possible advances in underwater data transmission, most subsequent reporting exaggerates the UUVs’ potential tactical utility as tools against foreign submarines. Xinhua reported that scientists aboard the research vessel Kexue are operating 12 UUVs simultaneously for the next month collecting hydrographic data like salinity, temperature, turbidity, and current information…

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Anti-Drone Weapons Anti-drone Technology New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

Watch a Test of Anti-Drone Weapons, From Shotguns to Superdrones

If drones could eat other drones, the SparrowHawk would sit somewhere near the top of the flying-robot foodchain. On a baking stretch of 110-degree dust an hour west of Phoenix, the six-rotored arachnoid rises with a menacing buzz, like a swarm of several dozen hornets’ nests. Then the 14-pound, hexagonal drone lurches forward, towards its prey, a 3D Robotics quadcopter that its five-and-a-half-foot armspan dwarfs. The two drones perform a brief, mid-air dance before the SparrowHawk overtakes the quadcopter, and pulls it into a rectangular net that hangs beneath its…

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Anti-drone Anti-drone Technology New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

Anti-drone radio wave startup SkySafe secures $11.5M from Andreessen

Drones are a threat to both military and public safety, whether flown by a terrorist or just a reckless pilot. SkySafe’s radio wave technology can detect and stop rogue drones from entering unauthorized areas like military bases, stadiums, prisons, and airports. SkySafe’s radio frequency signals are projected from a perimeter of nodes or even a Jeep, and force unapproved drones to leave or land while allowing permitted drones to fly. Now just two years after launch, SkySafe has raised a $11.5 million series A round led by Andreessen Horowitz, whose…

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Teaching Drones to See New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

Vision Algorithms Teaching Drones to See

Drones working together to build a 3D model of two statues in real-time, using computer vision technology. Researchers in Zurich are teaching unmanned aerial vehicles to ‘see’ to help them better understand their surroundings. Their low-cost, off-the-shelf, drones are equipped with a single camera and inertial sensor. But it’s their smart algorithms that give them the power to perform more complicated tasks without a human at the controls. SOUNDBITE (English) PROFESSOR MARGARITA CHLI, LEADER OF THE VISION ROBOTICS LAB AT ETH ZURICH, SAYING: “We start off with zero knowledge about…

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MIT Researchers Develop Mini-Computer Chips for Mini-Drones Drones In The News New Drone Technology 

MIT Researchers Develop Mini-Computer Chips for Mini-Drones

Recreational quadcopters and most standard hobby drones have a lot of data to process. The computer chips required to simultaneously handle stabilization, flight, and the recording and streaming of camera footage use quite a bit of power. Hence, they need a certain amount of battery power, which in turn results in a minimum weight. Now, researchers at MIT are developing miniature chips, which would require far less power, ridding drones of the hitherto-required battery weight. Smaller chips, less batteries, less weight. MIT researchers Sertac Karaman and Vivienne Sze claim that…

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Next-gen Drones New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

Next-gen drones will fly and dive into the sea like pelicans

Forget flying cars – flying submarines are about to make a splash. The US navy is developing a souped-up version of underwater drones that will boast the ability to get airborne. The drones are known as gliders because they vary their buoyancy to glide through the water for great distances on little power. In 2009, one crossed the Atlantic without recharging. But they are also slow, a drawback that flight could help with. It’s not implausible that a single drone could be made to glide efficiently through both air and…

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Where can I fly Drones Global Drone Regulations New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

Where can I fly Drones? There’s an new app for that!

THE Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has teamed up with specialist company, Drone Complier, to develop a smartphone, tablet and web-based app to help drone flyers fly safely and responsibly. The app, called ‘Can I fly there?’ will allow those flying drones for fun, or under the new sub-2kg commercial category to enter a location where they are proposing to fly. It will then flag nearby ‘no-drone zones’ such as airports, helicopter landing areas and other restricted areas. It will also flag ‘no-drone zones’ areas where emergency services such as…

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Drone Products and Reviews New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

DJI Phantom 4 drone review: I lost it in Hawaii – Business Insider

I always wanted to try my hand at flying a drone and capturing beautiful aerial footage of my surroundings, and a two-week trip to Hawai’i seemed like the perfect opportunity. The drone of choice: The $1,200 DJI Phantom 4. As a flying machine, it isn’t that much different to other drones — it goes up, down, sideways, forwards, and backwards, and a single battery lasts about 25 minutes, which is unfortunately typical for commercial drones. What sets the Phantom 4 apart is its incredibly sharp 4K camera. Indeed, Hawaii’s unreal…

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Kalashnikov Launches Drone Drone Products and Reviews Drones In The News New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

Legendary Kalashnikov gunmaker now launches surveillance drones

Kalashnikov Group, the producer of the famous assault rifles, has a diversified portfolio now with the launch of noiseless reconnaissance drones that can fly continuously for four hours. The company expects Russia’s “most advanced” ZALA 421-16E2 unmanned reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft to undergo state trials later this year, Russia’s state-run TASS news agency reported. “There are no analogues of ZALA 421-16E2 systems either in Russia or in the world by their functionality, the simplicity and reliability of operation. Besides, the unmanned aerial vehicle has a noiseless flight mode, which is…

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