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France will let drones deliver the mail (kinda)

Drone deliveries are taking off. Amazon delivered its first package. Alphabet is delivering burritos. 7-Eleven has delivered all kinds of stuff. And now, France has become the first country to let its national postal service deliver mail by drone — as long as you live on a single, 9-mile long postal route. Let me rephrase that: as long as you work at a startup at the end of a single, 9-mile long postal route. Because it sounds like France’s postal service isn’t delivering to homes at all: Once a week,…

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7-Eleven completes 77 drone deliveries in the US

7-Eleven, one of the world’s largest chains of convenience stores, has completed 77 delivers via drone to customers in Reno, Nevada. Snack me, drone!Photo by Flirtey/7-Eleven Oh, thank heaven for drones. The deliveries were made in collaboration with Flirtey, a commercial drone startup that began working with the retail chain over the summer. In November, Flirty made regular deliveries from a 7-Eleven store in Reno to a dozen select customers who used a custom app to place orders, the company said in a release Tuesday. Popular items for drone delivery…

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Yuneec Typhoon H review

When the Yuneec Typhoon H showed up at CES 2016 it stood out from the horde of other flying machines at the gigantic electronics show (the Ehang 184 being a notable exception). Its six-rotor design and sonar sensors in front for obstacle detection give it the look of a flying insect, while its removable 360-degree rotating gimbal camera and retractable landing gear are things you can only really find on the $2,000 DJI Inspire 1. But the ready-to-fly Typhoon H was just $1,300 when it shipped in April and is…

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