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A few options for your quadcopter frame

The quadcopter frame is a critical component which ties the entire thing together – Here are your options

A wooden quadcopter frameMy first quadcopter frame was two 40cm bars of wood in an X shape. It was heavy, nearly 300g, but it was working. You have a few options here.

Option 1

You can go to eBay, or some other store, and buy a pre-made quadcopter frame. This is a great option that will likely work perfectly for you. One of the few problems here is if you want to add some more stuff to the frame.  This was my challenges so I decided to build my own frame.

Option 2

To build your own frame you need to sit down with a piece of paper draw out what you are thinking. Draw, draw draw…  Consider different approaches and what types of problems may occur. These are a few of the materials to consider.


Its fast, low cost and does not require much effort.

A wooden quadcopter frameAluminium

You need to buy parts and have some tools to cut or connect them together. very lightweight and i would say cheap too.


In my opinion this is the best material for your quadcopter frame.  It is lightweight but expensive.

carbon-fiber3D printed (usually from plastic)

Create your perfectly designed quadcopter frame on your computer (using tools like sketchup, blender or any CAD program) and print it out in a few minutes.  If you have access to a 3D printer this is a great option.


This material is lightweight, cheap, and perhaps a bit to ugly for your new quadcopter frame.


These are a few of the most common materials but certainly not the complete list.

The shape of your quadcopter frame will depend upon the number of  motors you want to use. For example with four motors you can have a X or H shape. There are no limits.  Be creative and have fun!

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