A gift from Ryan Grady – DJI Inspire Vector Images


Ryan Grady, Founder of LionEye Aerials, created these great DJI Inspire vector images and wanted to share them with the drone community

Ryan Grady is a aerial enthusiast living in Portland, Oregon and is the founder of Lioneye Aerials.   around the globe in chase of the perfect shot.  Being a lover of the DJI Inspire, and a generous member of the drone community, it is not surprising that he created these great DJI Inspire vector images.

As a note, if you have open content that would benefit the drone community please let us know as we would be happy to help spread the word and share.  Email us anytime.

Ryan writes:

For those of you who want vectors of the DJI Inspire, here are three I created. Click on the image you would like to view. Then right click>> save image to get the .svg file. These can be used as small graphics are made as big as you would like! Use them however you would like.


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