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An Interview with Drone Fleet & Aerospace Management

Drone Fleet & Aerospace Management is a technology company focused on Commercial Operations of Drones with the goal of utilizing advanced technologies for business applications.

We reached out to Drone Fleet and Aerospace Management following their Section 333 exemption.  Adam Gibson’s name, Business Development Lead, at the company, was kind enough to share  information with us about their business.  If you are interested in chatting with Adam, just reach out to info@drone-fleet.com.

Q. Could you tell us a bit about your companies background?

We are an innovative technology company focused on Commercial Operations of Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with the goal of utilizing advanced technologies for business applications.  Our focus industries are:

  • Mining, Chemical & Natural Resources
  • Oil, Gas, Energy & Utilities
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Environmental Monitoring, Exploration & Mapping
  • Infrastructure, Transportation, Logistics & Delivery
  • Entertainment & Hollywood (Tours, Sports, Media)
  • Portable Surveillance, Military, Law Enforcement,
  • Public Safety, Fire, First Responder: Search & RescueAdvertising & Real Estate

Our market strategy is as a Hardware Agnostic Fleet Maintenance Drone Vendor, offering Turn Key, Mission Specific and FAA Legal Operations.

We  will use our relationships with leading technology firms to promote legal flight services as a re-seller of Hardware & Flight Services. These offerings will compliment major Companies that are switching to Digital Offerings, including Internet-of-Things, Connected Devices and Video Analytics Services. This is an excellent fit for our UAV Offerings.

Q. It appears that you will be using the following drones: DJI S1000, DJI Phantom 2, and Drone‐Fleet Carbon Fiber V5; why are these the right ones for your use?

The CF5 is a Carbon Fiber sUAS as designed by our team. It utilizes Commercial Off the Shelf sUAS Components and has electronic flight controls from DJI & 3D Robotics for Flight Control Systems.

We offer a very unique FPV CF5 Drone. This CF5 is based on Carbon Fiber and 3D Printed Composite Body Technologies. It offers many unique performance enhancement features and includes 3D Robotics 3DR PixHawk Flight Controller or DJI NAZA Flight Controller. This allows us to design the Mission Specific drones that are clients are looking for.

Additionally, we are currently authorized to fly Commercial-off-the-Shelf technologies such as the DJI Phantom and S1000. We are adding other platforms to our petition, including some military grade platforms. With the variety, we are confident that we’ll be able to meet a broad range of mission requirements.

Drone Fleet wants to be the first Hardware Agnostic Fleet Maintenance Drone Vendor to market. We are equipped to manage client Fleets of Drones starting with their initial technology acquisition. Once a firm’s business strategy is in place, we review requirements and help clients to determine the ideal technology platform to move forward with.  We act as a trusted advisor on the proper selection of hardware platforms.

Drone Fleet has relationships with several of the main hardware manufacturers and can offer the best selection of products for an organization. Additionally, our team has the capabilities to modify OEM technology to meet client payload requirements.

We offer UAV Rentals for specific missions. We also have a Pay-As-You-Go option, which operationalizes the expenses of a UAV implementation. We can provide a complete turn-key support model along with the Pay-As-You-Go option.

Q. How many drone pilots do you envision hiring in 2015?

We are looking for potential Independent Pilots, Sales Contractors & Partners interested in flying and selling our Mission Specific Hardware. We hope to hire 20 to 30 Pilots this year. We also offer Consulting, Support Staff, Mission Planning and Data Collection/Processing. So we encourage FAA Certified Private, Recreational or Sport Pilots and UAV Enthusiast to reach out to us if they’d like to work in this innovative industry.



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