Bermudian Drone Regulations


Bermudian Drone Regulations – Updated as of 6/25/2015

Bermudian drone regulationsThe Bermudian government has been very responsive.  Noting the following must be accomplished prior to receiving commercial approval to fly in the Bermuda.

  • Complete the Application
  • Create an approved Operations Manual (to include communications procedures with Air Traffic Control and operations in and around the control zone)- we give guidance on how to construct an operations manual fit for purpose.
  • Obtain a 3rd Class Medical Certificate
  • Received Third Party Liability Insurance
  • Pass written Air Law test (Based on Rules of The Air under AN(OT)O 2013 Schedule 4)
  • Pass practical flight test

Here is a summary of the key Bermudian drone regulations:

  • You must maintain line of sight viewing.
  • You must remain below 400 feet..
  • It is illegal to fly over any congested areas and you must stay well away from airports.
  • You may only fly your unmanned aircraft over your own property or property for which you have been given permission by the owner.

See these two documents on Bermudian drone regulations that the government shared with us.

BDCA Drone Safety Ad

Article 73 AN(OT)O 2013

We will keep you updated on Bermudian Drone Regulations as they evolve.

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