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Best MicroSD Cards for Drones

Buying MicroSD cards for your drone can be confusing, so a YouTuber named Tom’s Tech Time broke it down and compared a handful of bestselling MicroSD cards. Most MicroSD cards are marketed with the memory card’s highest reading and writing speed potential, but testing that card will often give you slower results. Drone companies like DJI usually have a list of recommended MicroSD cards on their product’s main page, but getting the fastest possible card for a drone is often overkill. Transfer speeds will save you some time, so the most important thing to look for is the card’s write speed! If you are in the market for a new drone memory card, or you’re just interested in knowing the difference between MicroSD cards, then check out Tom’s MicroSD card comparison video:

How Were the MicroSD Cards Tested?

An external USB 3.0 card reader and programs like Crystaldiskmark were used to test the different memory cards. To compare the writing speed, a 4.1 GB video file was also transferred and timed on each MicroSD card.


Source: Best MicroSD Cards for Drones

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