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All of the Gear a Drone-racing Pilot Needs

ALL THE GEAR: WHAT A DRONE-RACING PILOT NEEDS SOURCE : Drone racing is booming – and with the first FAI Drone Racing World Championships on the horizon, we got the lowdown on just what a top-level drone-racing pilot needs. Pilot: Obviously the first thing is the pilot. A junior is under 18. You will see they all wear first person view (FPV) goggles, and use a radio control to fly their drone. Some like to stand, some like to sit: at a big drone race you’ll see both. Competition…

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DJI offers free drone rentals in photo contest, will award drones to winners

Why it matters to you Photographers with the itch to go aerial but without the right gear have the chance to win a DJI Mavic Pro in a contest involving free drone rentals. DJI and National Geographic are partnering for an aerial photo contest — but photographers may not even need to own a drone to enter. The My Mavic Contest runs through October 31 on Instagram, but unlike other aerial photography contests, DJI is offering free two-week rentals of the Mavic Pro to randomly selected applicants. The contest runs…

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