Trump Signs Bill Reinstating the FAA's Drone Registration Requirement Drones In The News Global Drone Regulations Top Drone News Stories 

Trump signs bill reinstating the FAA’s drone registration requirement

Back in late-2015, the Federal Aviation Administration introduced new rules requiring owners of small drones to submit their devices to a database and attach a registration code to the side of the product. In May of this year, a judge in the D.C. Circuit shot the rule down, and the FAA began the process of returning the $5 registration fee. Now the registry is back on, courtesy of a bill signed into law earlier today by President Trump. The reinstated rules were one small piece of the $700 billion National…

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The Potential Future in the drone industry is pointing to AI Drones New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

The Potential Future of AI Drones

For many, drones are simply a novel gadget, a fun toy to fly around the neighborhood, snapping aerial images or even spying on neighbors. Rapidly growing in popularity, the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) already have been purposed in a variety of scenarios, far beyond their use as robotic toys. In just a few years, drones have enhanced and redefined a variety of industries. They are used to quickly deliver goods, broadly study the environment and scan remote military bases. Drones have been employed in security monitoring, safety inspections, border surveillance…

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What's the Point of Amazon Self-destructing drones New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

What’s the Point of Amazon Self-destructing Drones

Amazon is taking a page out of the spy genre in a newly-patented feature for its future fleet of delivery drones. Filings for a patent granted to the internet retailer show a self-destructing drone that is able to strategically disassemble in the air during an emergency to mitigate any potential damage from an otherwise fully-formed delivery drone, or as the patent describes it, “direct fragmentation for unmanned airborne vehicles.” Perhaps the self-destructing drones will find a home in the recently-patented hive-like structure approved this past summer. Amazon / USPTO While…

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Critical Role - Drones for Agricultural Research in Ohio Commercial Drone Applications New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

Critical Role – Drones for Agricultural Research in Ohio

(TNS) –– The Springfield Beckley-Municipal Airport now has a new hangar for unmanned aircraft and precision agriculture. The new hangar, the Clark State-Ohio Center for Precision Agriculture, is a part of a $1.2 million project to build 10 new hangars at the airport. It will be used for precision agriculture, which uses technology such as drones, GPS and other sensors to improve farming efficiency. The agriculture and food industry is estimated to contribute $105 billion to the state’s economy, according to the Ohio Farm Bureau. Clark State Community College works…

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Best Black Friday Drone Drone Products and Reviews Top Drone News Stories 

The Best Black Friday Drone Deals Anywhere of 2017

Updated Daily: This is the ultimate and most up-to-date MEGA list of drones that are for sale on Black Friday 2017. You will find the biggest drone deals of the year below. Keep coming back to see updates. Laptops and video games dominate the holiday wish lists of many people, but a new entry is quickly making it into that list: drones. Drones are great for capturing aerial photos or videos, or even just as a toy that you can fly around in open spaces. However, drones don’t come cheap.…

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Reaping the Commercial Benefits of Safe Drone Technology New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

Reaping the benefits of safe drone technology

When a Maine fire chief used his hobby drone to drop a life vest to two boys trapped by raging waters he not only saved two young lives, he demonstrated the positive potential of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). UAS technology, or Drones, has evolved much the same as computers, which went from room-sized machines operated by NASA to laptops and then smart phones carried around in our pockets. Not long ago, only the military flew drones—in combat zones. Today, Americans are flying many types of hobby drones and companies are…

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India Ready to Update Drone Laws Global Drone Regulations Top Drone News Stories 

India Ready to Update Drone Laws – and Deal With Any Rogues

India is getting ready to release new regulations to legalize commercial drones – and they are testing anti-drone technologies to deal with any rogues. The Hindustan Times reports that India’s civil aviation ministry will legalize the use of drones in the country by December 31, following a government-mandated period for public comment on the proposal. The proposal looks similar to many internationally, except for the extra restrictions around the country’s border areas. As reported by the Hindustan Times, the proposed regulations allow flight except for: Within an area of 5…

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Trump's newest drone pilot program shows more problems than promise. Drones In The News Top Drone News Stories 

New Drone Pilot Program – Is This Good News for the Drone Community?

If you haven’t heard about the Trump Administration’s newest plans involving drones, we’ll go ahead and assume that you live in a closet. But for the sake of clarification and enlightenment, here are the latest details on Trump’s drone pilot program. A Presidential Memorandum : New Drone Pilot Program Last month, the White House announced a new drone pilot program that they hope will foster drone innovation. While the FAA won’t lose their role, localities have just been handed a metaphorical megaphone in influencing regional regulations. Basically, this pilot program…

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AT&T's LTE Drones Are Providing Cellular Service to People in Puerto Rico Commercial Drone Applications Drones In The News New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

AT&T’s LTE Drones Are Providing Cellular Service to People in Puerto Rico

AT&T Provides Hurricane Relief to Puerto Rico Like most decent human beings, we’re all about helping those in need. So, we can all agree that AT&T’s newest move in aiding a ravaged Puerto Rico is not only generous, but it’s awesome and innovative. The marriage of the most popular autonomous vessel and AT&T’s claim to fame has produced their newest bundle of joy: the Flying COW. No, we’re not talking about an aerial bovine. It’s AT&T’s ‘Cell on Wings’, a drone capable of an simultaneously supporting up to 8,000 people.…

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British 'zapper' destroys 500 ISIS drones on the frontline in Iraq and Syria by jamming their radars Anti-drone Technology New Drone Technology Top Drone News Stories 

British ‘zapper’ destroys 500 ISIS drones on the frontline in Iraq and Syria by jamming their radars

A British ‘zapper’ has helped American troops destroy at least 500 ISIS drones on the frontline in Iraq and Syria, it has emerged. The zapper – a £1.5million Anti-UAV Defence System technology – can detect and jam drone signals, essentially taking control over the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with the ability to send it crashing to the ground. A mixture of technology has been used to produce the device, developed in 2015 by three British companies – Blighter Surveillance Systems in Essex, Chess Dynamics in West Sussex and Enterprise Control…

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