Nesta’s Flying High Challenge is Delivering on Drone Advancement Uncategorized 

Nesta’s Flying High Challenge is Delivering on Drone Advancement

While there’s still no shortage of search engine queries referencing public concern and distaste for the growing popularity of drones, it seems for now, as drone advancements and innovation continue to boom, these questions and related scare stories are getting far and fewer in between on this list of sought-out, drone information. Squashing Fears of Drone Use : The Flying High Challenge We can thank, in part, large companies like Amazon and Walmart, as well as smaller organizations like real estate agencies and farms who are cashing in on the…

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Misuse of Drones Drones In The News Uncategorized 

30 Laws in 30 Days: Misuse of drones won’t fly come July 1

At 15 years old, Fuhs had aspirations to work for the then-up-and-coming technology company GoPro. Positions with GoPro require a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and seven years of working experience in a field using filmmaking and graphic design. Rather than waiting to get his degree and then getting work experience, he decided to get ahead on his resume by starting his own company. Now 20, Fuhs of Washington, Indiana, first discovered the use of drones for photography when he was watching a GoPro video. “I saw them do this…

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Apple Swift Playgrounds can now program your robots and drones

Apple doesn’t build robots or drones, but now you can use its software to program them. On Thursday, Apple announced that, starting June 5, its increasingly popular iPad-based programming app, Swift Playgrounds, can be used to program robots built with LEGO Mindstorms EV3. Version 1.5 of the app will also handle programming tasks for Sphero’s SPRK robot ball, Parrot’s Mambo, Airborne and Rolling Spider drones, as well as robots from UBTECH, Dash, and Skoog. All devices will connect to the iPad and Swift Playgrounds via a Bluetooth connection. It’s a…

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Physics of Drones Flying Build a drone Top Drone News Stories Uncategorized 

How Do Drones Fly? Physics, of Course!

I own A drone. Maybe you do, too. I use mine to make simple videos and annoy my dog. Drones are quite popular these days, and you can get a nice one without spending too much money. Oh, I’m talking about the remotely controlled flying vehicles with four rotors, not the bigger drones scientists use to study climate change and stuff. Those cost a lot of money. Small drones like mine are easy to fly—a skilled pilot can hover and fly in just about any direction, which makes them great…

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Drone Teaches Itself Top Drone News Stories Uncategorized 

AI-equipped drones taught themselves how to fly by crashing 11500 times

You know the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again?” Well, it also counts for drones. At least, that is the takeaway message from a recent paper titled “Learning to Fly by Crashing,” published by roboticists from Carnegie Mellon University. They subjected hapless drones to 11,500 collisions in 20 different indoor environments, spread over 40 hours of flying time, to prove it. They did it for a good reason, too — and it is not because they have a whole lot of old quadcopters to get rid…

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Painting Drones Top Drone News Stories Uncategorized 

Carlo Ratti designs graffiti-painting drones to make multistorey artworks

Italian architect Carlo Ratti’s Paint By Drone system uses remotely controlled flying robots to cover buildings in giant paintings. Designed to turn scaffolding into giant canvases, the system uses a formation of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to create artworks on blank surfaces. Each drone carries its own tank of paint, and uses CMYK colours to replicate the traditional printing process. The robots are managed remotely, with their positions individually tracked, and are able to recreate any artwork submitted to a mobile app. “We are keen to explore their artistic…

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EDJ 80 target drone display at the Etimad Holdings Pavillion during Opening of International Defense Exhibition and Conference held at ADNEC Exhibition Center in Abu Dhabi, February 19,2017. (Ryan Lim) Uncategorized 

Military drones soar above world’s battlefields

As drone technology becomes more advanced, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will increasingly be used to perform a wide range of critical missions in which manned flights are dangerous or impractical, according to experts at IDEX. A wide range of UAVs are on display at IDEX, ranging from small, man-portable, rotary-wing variants designed to be carried by on-the-ground tactical units, to larger, weaponised versions that currently patrol and carry out frequent strikes in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other active combat zones. Among the companies displaying drones at IDEX is Insitu, a…

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Dubai Expects Pilotless Drones by Summer

Look out, Uber and Airbus, two companies already on record as seriously involved in efforts to offer pilotless drones to transport people around urban areas. Enter the city of Dubai’s transportation agency, which this week announced plans to offer rides aboard computer-operated drones around the Middle Eastern city beginning this July. Dubai’s head of transportation said the city has already been testing the UAV around the city. Dubai expects to use the Chinese-made Ehang 184, a four-propeller drone capable of trips as long as 31 miles. READ MORE! >> Source:…

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Unmanned Flights with Drones Drones In The News Uncategorized 

Unmanned Flight: The Drones Come Home – Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine

At the edge of a stubbly, dried-out alfalfa field outside Grand Junction, Colorado, Deputy Sheriff Derek Johnson, a stocky young man with a buzz cut, squints at a speck crawling across the brilliant, hazy sky. It’s not a vulture or crow but a Falcon—a new brand of unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone, and Johnson is flying it. READ MORE! >> Source: Unmanned Flight: The Drones Come Home – Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine Drone

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'Peeping Tom' Drone Drones In The News Top Drone News Stories Uncategorized 

Utah Couple Arrested Over ‘Peeping Tom’ Drone

Here’s one more thing you have to worry about: Drones sent by neighbors to spy on you in your home. Police arrested a Utah man with a history of voyeurism and his girlfriend on suspicion of flying a drone was spotted on area “patrols.” The drone videotaped people in their bathroom or bedrooms in the city of Orem, investigators said. One apparent target who spotted the tiny machine outside of his bathroom window chased it in his truck and grabbed it when it landed. He found several videos of people…

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