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How to choose a quadcopter: expert drone buying advice

This excellent drone buying guide was published on PC Advisor.

“Drones, quad-copters and multi-rotor helicopters are all the rage at the moment, but the sheer amount of choice as well as the huge range of prices can make it difficult to know what to buy and how much to spend. Here we explain what you need to know about buying a drone.

Drones are known by many names, including quad-copters, mini-quads, multi-rotor craft and more. Most commonly they have four rotors but vary in their size, price and features.

Quadcopter buying guide: Price

At the entry level , mini-quads start at just £10, but you won’t get a camera unless you pay around £50. Increase your budget towards £100 and you should expect to get live videoon your smartphone via a free app, or even a colour screen on the remote control. The Revell X-Spy, for example, costs £80 online and has a mount above the remote control for holding your smartphone.

Drone buying guide


At higher prices, you get more for your money. As well as longer flight times (see below) drones should also have better on-board processing to help with flying. For example, both the Parrot AR Drone and DJI Phantom 2 can hover in one spot, whereas cheaper drones require you to be constantly adjusting the controls just to maintain position in the air.”

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