Cloudbreaker discusses doing drone business in Canada

Q. Could you tell our readers a little bit about your business?

We are a professional UAV imagining and media production company based in St. John’s NL. The company is operated by a professional pilot and a professional photographer. These two skill sets have been an important factor in our success so far. We are primarily an aerial imaging and media company that is slow branching out into other markets as our operational experience grows.

Q. What was involved to get approval to use drones as part of your business in Canada?

We conducted extensive research into Transport Canada’s requirements for commercial UAV operators. We have structured our company much like a manned aircraft operation in order to comply with planned regulations to be introduced in the coming years. Having an aviation background and experience working with Transport Canada in manned aircraft operations certainly helped us in the beginning.

Q. What advice would you give to people looking to begin a business that makes use of drones?

It really depends on what people what to do. In order to have the maximum flexibility to operate anywhere at anytime, one must work towards achieving the highest level of certification provided by Transport Canada. This allows a company to maximize the number of potential clients in the marketplace. Spend the time to research the local market to determine what potential exists. Just liked manned aviation, make safety your first and last priority. Invest time and money into using the very best and most reliable equipment. Develop a relationship with your Transport Canada Inspector.

Q. How did you get started flying drones?

Through a college that is also a professional pilot. It was a hobby that he help us turn into a business.

Q. What drones do you fly for your business? Why did you choose these?

We currently operate a DJI Phantom 2 and a DraganFly X4-ES. The Phantom 2 does a great job at a low cost. The X4-ES is a “commercial grade” drone that has the flexibility to carry various payloads and carry out different missions. This flexibility is critical to meeting the needs of our various clients.

Q. What should we have asked you about your business, about the use of drones in Canada, or anything else that you would like our readers to be aware of?

The development of the commercial drone industry will depend on our industry providing a professional approach to conducting operations. The public should expect the same commitment to safety and professionalism that is found in other sectors of the aviation industry.

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