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My DJI Phantom flying over the River Nailborne

My DJI Phantom flying over the River Nailborne

DJI Phantom Flying Over River Nailborne

This DJI Phantom drone video was recorded at a village called Bridge just outside the city of Canterbury in Kent.  I drive passed this location nearly everyday on the way to taking the kids to school.  The field is normally full of sheep, but today the sun was shining and the sheep were nowhere to be seen.  I took this opportunity to get the DJI Phantom flying to record some footage of the small stream and the historical looking foot bridge.

I tried my best to keep the drone following the flow of the river, which I believe is call the Nailborne river.  I couldn’t get too close to the Bridge due to the large tree next to it (and the lack of flying experience).  This was a nice and peaceful place to fly and record video.  Only a few cars drove past and slowed down for a glimpse of the Phantom quadcopter in full flight.   I intend to come back to this location with a bit more flight experience under my belt and create something better.

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