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DJI Phantom Vision 2 Review: After two months of ownership

DJI Phantom Vision 2

DJI Phantom Vision 2 Review

I wanted to write a DJI Phantom Vision 2 review as I have now had it for about 2 months now.  I thought I’d make a blog post about my experience with it so far.

Ease of Use

First of all, it’s very easy to fly.  I had never flown any kind of remote controlled aircraft in my life, so the the first take off was a little scary, no knowing how it handles or whether I would be able to actually fly it at all.  To my relief, it was simple.  Once the Phantom was in the air I was able to keep it hovering in the air thanks to it’s GPS positioning function.  Once it is hovering I was able to then maneuver the drone around knowing that I can make it hover by just letting go of the control sticks.

DJI Phantom Vision 2 Review: Ease of Installation

The next bit of good news was that the DJI App that is install on my Android Mobile phone is also straight forward to use.  It gives a good picture from the Phantom camera and the information about the height and distance of the drone is very easy to understand.  I was able to record video at the touch of a button.  The only thing I don’t like about the app is that you cannot take photograph whilst you are filming.  So I now decide to do one flight for photos and then land and then take off again to record my video.

DJI Phantom Vision 2 Review: Miscellaneous Thoughts

I have found it frustrating trying to find suitable places the actually fly my DJi Phantom from and record something interesting at the same time.   I am lucky enough to live near a large playing field and also near to the University of Kent, but trying to record videos that are interesting and captivating is difficult.  There only so many sunsets and sunrise’s a man can take.  Even when I have found other place that I want to fly from and record, it has been difficult to find somewhere to park the car or there is not enough space to fly or there are too many people around.  I think I have bought the drone at the wrong time of the year.  By the time I finish my day job, it is dark outside, and at the weekends, the weather is not always suitable for flying.

I am very keen to keep to the CAA guidelines regarding the use of this kind of aerial drone.  There are some really interesting places I would love to film with the DJI Phantom, but trying to keep the the 50 meter rule would be impossible.

I’m so glad I decided to buy the DJI Phantom Vision 2+.  It has given me a new hobby that I can include into my other hobby of video editing. Its the perfect combination of hobbies.  I am able to simply transfer my video footage from the Phantom camera’s SD-card straight to my Google Drive, ready to edit using Final Cut Pro.  I have put all my videos on my Drone Videos YouTube Channel that I am hoping to grow over he next year.  Hopefully, once the weather improves, I will be able to publish more and more videos.

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