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Drone Privacy Laws tightening up in New Zealand

As of August 1st, drone privacy laws will require hobbyist to get permission when flying over private property

The New Zealand Herald ran this story about new drone privacy laws being enforced starting August 1st.  The article notes:

From August 1, new civil aviation rules will mean operators will need consent from a property owner before they fly over it.

Existing rules allow anyone to operate a drone, as long as they observe simple safety precautions.

These include flying below 120 metres, flying only during daylight, flying within line of sight and not within 4km of an airfield.

A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said the rules did not “specifically consider privacy” and were created to aid safety.

This is a sensible rule for hobbyist, one that is part of our hobbyist drone guidelines, and is a best practice anytime drones are being used in residential areas.

As long as the new rules only apply to hobbyist, and not to commercial users focused on valid use cases such as land surveying, real estate appraisals, videography, than it will lead to an improved sense of individual security without the loss of personal privacy that is critical to maintain in all societies.

What are your thoughts on these new drone privacy laws in New Zealand?  Should they be applied to where you live as well?

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