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Drone Rules and Regulations : Drone Flying in UK and US

If you want to buy a drone for recreational use, make sure you know all the rules and regulations first.

Imagine spending all the money you’ve saved up on that one super sexy drone you’ve been eyeing for a while, only to find out that you can’t operate it anywhere near your house and that your chances of flying it around are severely limited. Obviously, that would be a huge bummer. But what’s the chance of that happening? What are the rules and regulations? Do you even know if you need to register or get a permit?

These are all great questions. And you’ve come to the right place for answers. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about drones, including what they are and what you can legally do with them in your area – whether you live in the UK or the US.

What are recreational drones?

Drones are also called UAS or quadcopters
Recreational drones are for fun, not work
Recreational drones can have built-in cameras
Drones, also called an unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or quadcopters, are a type of aircraft without a human pilot onboard; they are controlled by an operator on the ground. Drones have boomed in popularity in recent years, and are now used for military operations, aerial inspections, delivery and shipping, photography, and more. In this guide, we’re focusing on recreational drones.


Source: Drone flying in the UK and US: All the rules and regulations explained

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