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DroneDeploy Announces Partnership with DJI


We are very excited to see more drone-related announcements coming out today and this one comes from DroneDeploy once again.   DroneDeploy announces partnership with DJI with software for aerial mapping, imaging, and additional drone automation which is available via an App with DJI Phantom Vision 2 Drones.  This is a big win for both companies and consumers.

We reached out to Mike Winn, founder and CEO of DroneDeploy, to ask him a few more questions.

Q. Congratulations on the new product! This sounds like a major step forward, how do you envision it changing the way businesses work today?

Drones can already produce valuable data for businesses. But previously the process to create that data took many hours and required experts. Some companies even rent out a person with their flying robot, the technology is that complex and time consuming. Our new App is disruptive, as literally anyone that knows how to push a button on a smartphone can use a drone to collect data.

DJI Phantom Vision 2

DJI Phantom Vision 2

Q. Why partner with DJI?

They are one of the leading drone manufacturers and they sell one of the most popular drones in the world. It only made sense we apply our technology to turn their flying cameras into autonomous data collection machines

Q. As you look at 2-3 years, how do you see DroneDeploy changing, evolving?

Right now we’re focusing on enabling any farmer or construction worker with a new tool. Enabling them to get a birds eye view of their world and create useful data like maps, 3D models, and volumetric estimates. In the next few years we’ll be taking the next step to make these machines smarter.  For example, farmers can already use our technology to detect the health of their crops. In the future we will be able to make decisions, for example detecting weed growth, and even take action with other drones as to the appropriate next steps.

Software for Aerial Mapping, Imaging, and Drone Automation is Now Available via an App with DJI Phantom Vision 2 Drones 

 (San Francisco) March 31, 2015 — DroneDeploy, a start-up that provides software solutions for drone operations, today launched its mobile app, providing users with the fastest, easiest push-button solution available to automate drones and receive real-time, reliable, detailed aerial maps and images. The company also announced that, through a partnership with leading drone manufacturer DJI, its software is now offered on the DJI Phantom 2 Vision, making it available to a wider range of end users in agriculture, real estate, mining, construction and other commercial and consumer industries.

DroneDeploy’s new mobile software lets users control drones and cameras while in flight, and is the first solution to process data, information and visuals in real-time. The solution makes simple, real-time mapping, with guaranteed accuracy and one-click automated results, available anytime, anywhere.

“DroneDeploy has created a custom mobile application for the DJI Phantom 2 Vision that provides a remarkable live mapping platform, autonomous flight, and aerial data capture capabilities,” said Eric Cheng, General Manager, DJI San Francisco and Director of Aerial Imaging, DJI. “We are proud to partner with DroneDeploy, and are excited about the future of autonomous aerial imaging platforms.”

Using the DroneDeploy application, farmers and agronomists can now quickly assess and diagnose crop health, detect field variations, categorize yield zones and analyze NDVI outputs for smarter farming decisions.  Construction and mining operators can easily generate high-resolution 3D or digital elevation models of sites and structures, and analyze plan progress to eliminate inconsistencies.

“The introduction of our mobile application marks a first in the adoption of drones for commercial use. DroneDeploy makes it possible for users without any training to access and employ drone-based aerial imagery and mapping. Our mobile app is faster, more affordable, easier and more accessible than any other solution on the market today,” said company co-founder and CEO, Mike Winn, “It provides users with anywhere, anytime access to a bird’s eye view of land or work zones and delivers detailed information directly to mobile devices before drones even land – all capabilities that simply weren’t available until now.”

About DJI

DJI is a global leader in developing and manufacturing innovative camera technology for commercial and recreational use. The company is dedicated to making aerial photography and filmmaking more reliable and easier to use for creators and innovators around the world. For more information, visit DJI online: www.dji.com

About DroneDeploy

Founded in 2012 DroneDeploy is a San Francisco-based start-up that provides cloud control software solutions for drones that include automated flight safety checks and workflows and real-time mapping and data processing. The company has partnered with leading drone manufacturers, including DJI, 3DR and AgEagle, to provide its software to end users in a variety of industries, including agriculture, real estate, mining, construction and many other commercial and consumer arenas.


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