Drones are helping with wildlife conservation

The Times of India ran an article this weekend interviewing Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, the chief conservator of forest (CCF) & field director of Melghat Tiger Reserve (MTR).  The focus of the article was wildlife conservation.

This caught our eye as the article was discussing the fact that UAV/drones will help conservation efforts in two important areas:

  • Enabling a more accurate count of the melghat tiger population.  The population has dropped from 80 to 30 tigers over the course of the last decade and it can be difficult to track them down to keep an accurate count.
  • Keeping an eye on poachers to reduce their illegal activities.  Poaching remains a serious problem and drones should be able to assist in the tracking of poachers.  Catching them on camera will prevent many from pursuing illegal activities.

We like seeing this type of aerial surveillance.  Read more on the Times of India.

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