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EMS Drones – Google receives a patent


According to the Insurance Journal, Google has received approval for their patent for EMS Drones

The Insurance Journal is reporting the following information about Google’s patents for EMS Drones:

Google Inc. received a patent on the use of drones to provide emergency medical service.

Patent 9,051,043, issued June 9, covers the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to provide emergency medical support. Google said the vehicles would be configured to provide support for a number of different situations.

The US Patent office has information on all filed patents available online.  We have included a link to the filed patent for your convenience.

The above? is one of the images in the filed patent and seems to be the key the entire 21 page patent filing.  Essentially, it covers:

  • A fleet of EMS Drones will exist in one or more locations.
  • When an emergency medical situation is identified the appropriately configured drone is sent out the the location of the emergency.

This patent feels broad in our opinion and we are concerned what this will ultimately do to innovation. Do you share our concerns?

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