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Flipkart is looking to rural delivery, using drones, in India

While commercial drone use is not yet legal in India, their top e-tailer is looking ahead to rural delivery with drones

The Amazon of India, Flipkart, is hoping to bring drone delivery services to rural parts of India.  While drone regulations in India do not yet permit commercial uses of drones they are planning ahead, and pushing for a drone-filled future with drones helping with rural delivery.

The Hindustan Times is reporting:

India’s leading e-tailer Flipkart is thinking beyond the horizon. It wants to use drones to deliver goods to rural areas. The catch is that civilian drones are not allowed in India but the Bangalore-based company, which has grown to be a giant in just seven years since its founding, is expecting to convince the government because it helps remote parts of the country.

With the DGCA continuing to make progress towards the legal use of drones and Amazon entering India to take on Flipkart, we are likely to see the race towards commercial drone delivery heat up in India.

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