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Following up on the Measure 32 UAV Disaster Use Study

The team at Measure 32 has not responded to our requests about the Measure 32 UAV Disaster Use Study

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Following up on our story yesterday, “Disaster Relief Drones – The future of emergency response“, we reached out to both Measure 32 and The American Red Cross.    Since we have not yet reviewed they Measure 32 UAV Disaster Use Study we cannot endorse its findings.  However, the team at the American Red Cross did respond with this information.

Thank you for contacting the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross is looking forward to reviewing the results of the **Measure 32 UAV study** on drones helping in disaster relief. While there are policy recommendations included in the report, the American Red Cross focus is on the possible use cases of drones and applications that can improve our services leading up to, during and following disasters.  Whether through drones or other means, any information that can better inform disaster response, allowing us to reach more people in need quicker, is something worth investigating further.

Complementing the Measure research is an American Red Cross-led global initiative, the Global Technology Project. Over the course of two years, this initiative is researching and testing emerging technologies for use by people affected by emergencies, including the consumer applications of unmanned aerial vehicles. For more information on the Global Technology Project, visit www.tech4resilience.org.

While many questions remain, the Measure study provides a great starting point from which the American Red Cross can think more critically about drones in disaster and how to leverage it as the technology improves.

We will let you know if Measure 32 responds to our requests and, if they do, our take on the Measure 32 UAV Disaster Use Study.

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