French Drone Regulations


French Drone Regulations – Updated as of 6/23/2015

NOTE: On 12/12/2014 the French government released these guidelines.

Here are the major guidelines for French drone regulations.

  • Only fly your aircraft during daylight and in good weather (not in clouds or fog).
  • Always keep your aircraft in sight, where you can see it with your own eyes – not only through an on-board camera, monitor or smartphone.
  • Don’t fly closer than 5 km from any airport, heliport, or aerodrome.
  • Don’t fly higher than 150 meters from above the ground.
  • Don’t fly in populated areas or near large groups of people, including sporting events, concerts, festivals, and firework shows.
  • Don’t fly within restricted airspace

We will keep this updated as French drone regulations evolve over time.

French Drone Regulations

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