Building Drones

How to Build a Drone

Sometimes we just want the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment in creating something ourselves. If you’re looking for a completely customized UAV experience, we’ve got just the how-to information you need to get started learning how to build a drone.

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Retaining the knowledge on building drones is one thing, but if you need parts, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Shop our comprehensive drone build lists on our Amazon store, using tried and products to build your custom drone.


Hobby in Drones

How to start a new hobby in drones

By Mark Judson | 682-6524 | @cnbMark | CRESTVIEW—From halftime shows to online deliveries to the backyard, drones are increasingly visible. However, getting in the air isn’t quite the buy-and-fly process it once was. RULES OF THE AIR Even recreational users still have to meet certain requirements and register their drone if it weighs…
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Want to become a builder? Check out the Build a Drone Workshop

  Live in Arizona or nearby?  The Build a Drone Workshop is based in Tempe, Arizona and is teaching students how to build and program a quadcopter. Education is a critical need in our industry.  If you want to build a drone, become a licensed operator, learn to fly a quadcopter, or simply better understand the…
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A few options for your quadcopter frame

The quadcopter frame is a critical component which ties the entire thing together – Here are your options My first quadcopter frame was two 40cm bars of wood in an X shape. It was heavy, nearly 300g, but it was working. You have a few options here. Option 1 You can go to eBay, or some…
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What parts do you need to build a drone?

  Interested in learning to build a drone?  Here are the parts you will need to get started heimkinothx / Pixabay If you want to build a drone you have to understand the parts that are needed.  Here is a quick walkthrough of the important pieces to get the job done. Frame If you want to build a drone you have to…
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Build a Quadcopter With Pixhawk Flight Controller

  This YouTube playlist will show you how to build a quadcopter in 12 easy videos succo / Pixabay I came across this great YouTube video series from the team at Learn Robotix on YouTube: This step by step guide does not take long to navigate through.  
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Build a drone – video how-to guide from Andrés Pineda

  Andrés Pineda posted a great video in 2014 on how to build a drone, it is still relevant today We came across this great video on YouTube from Andrés Pineda on how to build a drone.  While the parts list is dated the basic concepts are dead on and this is still a great video…
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SkyBot – Build your own drone kit and educational program

  The SkyBot Kickstarter is part educational program for kids and part a build your own drone kit I was a geek, I admit it.  I learned to build my own robot in school and would have loved every aspect of this program if it had been available then.  A build your own drone kit?  You can’t go…
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Build your own FPV – Here is some great expert advice

Quadcopter racing is hot, learn how to build your own FPV National Geographic Voices ran an outstanding article yesterday titled “So You Want to Fly an FPV Racing Mini Quadcopter?“.  Not only should you read the article, you should bookmark it and refer to it often if you want to get involved with FPV racing.…
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