Icelandic Drone Regulations


Icelandic Drone Regulations – Updated 6/9/2015

Icelandic Drone Regulations

jackmac34 / Pixabay

We reached out to the Icelandic Government who informed us:

The Icelandic Transport Authority is in the process of developing specific rules for unmanned aircrafts but enclosed is the Aeronautical Information Circular -ICELAND which provides information on the rules that are currently in force regarding the operation of unmanned aircrafts.

These regulations are in the AIC – Iceland, both in English and Icelandic.  Key points, however, for the Icelandic drone regulations include:

  • In order to fly a UAV weighing more than 5 KG you must get written permission from authorities.  The linked document explains what information you must provide to authorities when applying.
  • For drones weighing less than 5 KG you do not need written permission.  However:
    • You cannot fly within 1.5 KM of housing
    • You cannot fly within 1.5 KM of an airport.

We will keep this updated as Icelandic drone regulations evolve over time.

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