In British Columbia, drones are roof inspectors

There are so many great uses for drones/uavs and the government of British Columbia recognized a great use case: roof inspectors.

Anytime humans need to work at great heights it is worth considering drone technology.  Learn how Victoria Aerial Survey tackled this job (originally published on Business Vancouver).

“When the British Columbia government wanted to inspect the roof of the most important building in the province, it called on an innovative pilot who launched a drone above the British Columbia legislature.

The contract to Victoria Aerial Survey revealed the startling versatility of unmanned aerial vehicle systems – drones – as a roof inspection tool for commercial property managers and roof inspection companies.

“It was an important job for us, and our first roofing contract,” said licensed pilot David Carlos, who founded Victoria Aerial Survey two years ago. He explained that the government’s property manager wanted to check on the gold-leafed statue of Captain George Vancouver, the iconic copper dome and the general roof condition atop the main legislative building. Like many property managers, they also likely wanted to avoid the onerous safety regulations, access permission and potential roof damage that could result in sending a team of inspectors onto the sloped roof of the 116-year old structure.”

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