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India Ready to Update Drone Laws – and Deal With Any Rogues

India is getting ready to release new regulations to legalize commercial drones – and they are testing anti-drone technologies to deal with any rogues.

The Hindustan Times reports that India’s civil aviation ministry will legalize the use of drones in the country by December 31, following a government-mandated period for public comment on the proposal.

The proposal looks similar to many internationally, except for the extra restrictions around the country’s border areas. As reported by the Hindustan Times, the proposed regulations allow flight except for:

Within an area of 5 km from the airport

Within permanently or temporarily prohibited, restricted or danger-prone areas, as notified by the Airports Authority of India.

Over densely populated areas or near any area where emergency operations are underway, without prior approval.

Within 50 km of the international border, and beyond 500 metres (horizontal) into sea along the coastline.

Within 5-km radius of Vijay Chowk in Delhi.

From mobile platforms, such as moving vehicles, ships or aircraft.

Within 500-metre radius of military installations and strategic locations notified by the MHA [Ministry of Home Affairs.]

Over eco-sensitive zones around national parks and wildlife sanctuaries without prior permission.

Drone flight around airports is of particular concern to India, as it is around the world. In anticipation of increased drone flights when the regulations pass, government agencies are testing counter-drone technologies.


Source: India Ready to Update Drone Laws – and Deal With Any Rogues

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