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Interview with Hans Mundahl, Drone Enthusiast and UAV Pilot

Hans Mundahl

Hans Mundahl, Drone Enthusiast and UAV Pilot, shares his thoughts with The Best Drone Info.

Q.  What kind of drone do you own/pilot?

I mostly fly a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ but I also have a couple of other smaller ‘toy’ devices.

Q.  Could you tell our readers a bit about your experience with drones?

 Several of my clients were asking me about UAV’s and whether they should get one so I decided to do some research. I work for schools and non-profits in technology integration, marketing, and communications and UAV’s have several possible uses in those areas.

After doing the research I found that UAV’s are fun, easy to fly and have a wide range of uses for my clients. This prompted me to purchase the Vision+!

These days I help schools and non-profits purchase their own UAV and I do workshops on aerial videography.

Q.  How did you get started in this space?

After obsessing on the internet for a few weeks I purchased my Vision+. On the first flight I nearly hit my own house… but luckily I grabbed it out of the air before I did any damage.

Q.  How do you see drone technology evolving over the course of the next 5-10 years?

Drones have the potential to be very interesting to many industries: agriculture, filmmaking, education, and conservation are the areas that interest me most personally. I expect UAV’s will become lighter, faster, and with better cameras.

Hopefully thoughtful pilots and sensible regulation will help the industry stay safe.

I’d like to see more UAV’s come with telemetry that would be useful to educators / scientists like barometric pressure, accelerometers, temperature, etc.

Q.  What questions should I have asked you about that you’d like to share your thoughts on?

Commercial use is something we haven’t touched on.

Here are two videos I made about whether or not folks might want / need a drone.

Dan explains why you don’t need a drone.

Dan explains why you want a drone.

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