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Jamaican Drones – Combatting Illegal fishing

Much like drones fighting poaching in Tanzania, Jamaican Drones are flying to fight illegal fishing activities

You say Jamaica and I think Bob Marley, warm breezes, and an amazing tourist destination. You say Jamaican Drones and I think innovation.

You probably remember our series on drone use to stop poachers in Tanzania (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).  This is not the first use for drones in wildlife conservation, but it is great to see the concept spreading across the globe.

The Caribbean Journal, among other publications, is reporting the fact that the Government of Jamaica is purchasing more drones to help stop illegal fishing.  The article reports:

Jamaica’s government is planning to acquire a number of new drones, with one major goal: combating illicit fishing in the country’s territorial waters.

The announcement of the planned acquisitions was made by Minister Derrick Kellier, who said the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries’ “next step is to work closely with the Ministry of National Security, with a view to identifying and sourcing drones with longer endurance, so as to increase our reach as well as our law enforcement presence within the island’s maritime jurisdiction.”

Jamaican Drones will surely make a difference, both in search and rescue and in preventing poaching.

Where else are you seeing drones used for saving wildlife?

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