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Japanese drone regulations about to get even tighter


Japanese drone regulations – The government is planning to ban flying drones above residential areas and at night

nguyentuanhung / Pixabay

Yahoo News is reporting that Japanese drone regulations are about to get much tighter in the short term.  We applaud these short-term restrictions as sensible until they are able to better define guidelines for usage.  These restrictions are in-line with many other countries and should provide them time to work through the issues.  The article is reporting that legislation will be submitted during this session, due to end at the end of August.

The article goes on to report:

Tokyo said it wanted to create an environment where “operators can use small-scale drones in a flexible manner” if they take certain safety measures, recognising the device’s usefulness in farming, as well as collecting information during natural disasters.

We continue to work to get contacts within the government to better understand the long-term thinking for Japanese drone regulations.

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