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Kickstarter Drone Project: LAB, The Living Aerial UAV

The pace of change in this space is faster than ever, with new companies popping up everywhere.  We are also seeing crowd funded projects on Kickstarter, like this one for a living aerial UAV.

This group is looking to raise $50,000 for the project and currently has 16 backers pledging $1840.   Here is some information from Kickstarter on the project.

“LAB is a drone, whose brain and face is a smart phone. Everyone can program the brain of LAB, rendering expressions and emotions on the phone display and even make it “twittering” with the phone speaker. Everyone can distribute the brain of LAB via App Store, LAB brings the ecosystem of smart phone into Drone industry!

Intelligent than Ever

We prepare for a powerful, affordable and state-of-the-art platform for building intelligent drones. A smart phone is ubiquitous, low cost, fast evolving in technologies, always connected to internet, and its programming is easy to learn! That’s why we made the smart phone the brain of LAB. The flight control is reliably taken care by a dedicated processor, to which the smart phone sends commands via USB or Bluetooth, so that everyone can concentrate on determine high-level functions on the phone with imagination via minimal coding. LAB is an advanced platform as the future aerial robotics.

Visual Impression

You can personalize the look of LAB on the phone display as a living bot with visual images and appearance. You can advertise impressive promotion on LAB from air. LAB can be pivotal to execute urgent missions: (1) When a patient in a critical condition is located remotely or far away from hospitals, doctors can give immediate and tangible instructions visually on LAB display. (2) LAB can be air surveillance patrol to monitor security check to alert suspicious intrusions from air.

Creative & Reliable

We invite everyone to join and develop LAB by easy programming for imaginative and challenging missions. Our number 1 priority is the safety, which makes us to incorporate two levels of the control systems: (1) a reliable main flight controller for basic aviation motions of LAB; (2) the smart phone to run “Drone Apps”, which implement advanced sensing and intelligent functions. Even if the phone freeze up, the main flight controller will take charge of LAB flight condition and safe landing.”

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