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Kickstarter Spotlight – The Autonomous Agriculture Drone

The beauty of the autonomous agriculture drone?  Farmers will be able to utilize their drone quickly and effectively without undergoing hours upon hours of practice

This Kickstarter project is looking to raise $15,000 to build a prototype autonomous agriculture drone.  The concept makes sense, farmers want to gather data without becoming UAV pilots.  Lets learn more from Jon Shearer, the project founder.

Q. How did you come up with this idea?

I have an extensive technology background with exposure to several of the technologies required to develop a drone that can fly itself with a wide array of supporting software. I spent just short of two years implementing an agriculture enterprise software solution for several customers when I realized an opportunity to use my technology background to improve several agriculture processes through drone technology.

Q. There are many drone solutions on the market for agriculture, what will make the autonomous agriculture drone special?

My end product will offer more to my customers than just a drone. While my drone itself will boast autonomy, multiple sensor hard points, and a new moisture sensor that is unique to our product, we will also provide a comprehensive software package tailored to support our customers from mission planning to data analysis. Our simple user interface will allow anyone to flawlessly collect the desired data with less than a half an hour of online training. Once the data is collected, our customers will have cloud access to their data and our custom data analytic platform.

Q. This project, the autonomous agriculture drone, is focused on building a prototype, what makes your team the right one to explore this project?

I personally have 8 years of software and technology experience. Five of those years were spent in quality control, and the remain 3 years in project management. As a contractor, I have collected several high profile names among my profile: International, Roche Diagnostics, Bose, Hewlett Packard, The Veterans Administration, and Jack Daniels Distillery to name a few. Throughout my career, I have had extensive exposure to cellular, gps, data analytic, real time location, web based, and mobile technologies, all of which will be combined to create our product. In addition to myself, I have recruited a mechanical engineer out of Purdue University to design our air frame, and will be working with an individual who achieved a doctorate in computer science from Stanford and has spent the last several years working on military software projects

Q. You are looking to raise $15K for the prototype, what do you feel it will cost to build the final product?

The $15k will allow us to build a prototype and bring our design to reality. Some of this money would also be used to help fund the completion of our data analytic software. While I prefer not to release exact cost information for publication, I will say that our goal for hardware cost is less than a third of our anticipated prototype cost.

Q. What would you like to tell our readers about this project that we have not yet asked?

I am very excited to see where this project goes. Our product will give farmers a tool that will allow them to manage their crops in a way that will increase yield per acre while decreasing their cost per acre. In fact, we project that depending on the size of the farm, our drone will pay for itself in the first year.

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