Law enforcement drone usage limited in North Dakota

We will continue to see these laws passed throughout the United States in 2015 that seek to limit law enforcement drone usage.  We had already reported that the city of Berkeley said no to police usage but we expect cities and states to follow this trend as governments at all levels are trying to quickly wrap their heads around the technology.

The Grand Forks Herald reports:

“The North Dakota Senate passed legislation Thursday to place limits on law enforcement’s use of unmanned aerial systems for surveillance despite concerns that it would impede the state’s pending UAS industry.

Under House Bill 1328, information obtained from UAS couldn’t be used to get a search warrant. Information also would not be admissible in a “prosecution or proceeding within the state” unless law enforcement obtained a search warrant, with several exceptions.

The bill doesn’t prohibit use of UAS for surveillance during patrol of national borders, instances of imminent danger to life or bodily harm, an environmental catastrophe or for research.

Proponents of the bill said that it is much more narrowly focused than a bill that came up two years ago, and that it helps protect individual liberties.”

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