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Lost drone? You should have considered using Trackimo

Nothing can ruin your day like a lost drone.  Trackimo is worth considering to avoid this problem

You are on a surveying mission, inspecting equipment or a mine, and the next thing you know your drone disappears and you can’t find it.  Fortunately, a lost drone is not a common occurrence, but, when it does happen, it can really ruin your day.

We reached out to Trackimo to ask them a few questions about using their technology for drones.  Read on.

Q. Could you tell our readers a bit about your business?

Trackimo is the world’s smallest and most cost effective personal GPS tracking device.   The more we thought about the technology, it seemed to fit into every area of life so we decided to allow the products to morph into whatever channels they best fit into. From healthcare and wanting to know where our teenagers are to pets and asset tracking. From luggage and bikes to boats, motorcycles and drones. With Trackimo you can track all the people and things in life you value most.

Q. Your technology looks great and we love its use for people (elderly, children, etc..). What made you decide to also look at the lost drone tie-in?

In North America, we launched Trackimo at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2015. We were named the 2nd Best Product to Own. As the show went on, we were approached by dozens of Drone / RC store owners who loved the product so we decided to pursue that channel as well.

Q. Are there issues your technology must deal with that are unique to drones?

So far, we’ve had no issues with the drone community. Our product is very light (only 42 grams) so it doesn’t affect flight and when the user experiences a “fly away”, Trackimo is there to help them recover their equipment.

Q. Are you drone hobbyists? If yes, what do you fly?

Currently I am not but there’s certainly a fascination with flying a drone. And knowing me, I’ll probably be flying before you have a chance to print this article.

Q. What questions should we have asked you about your business and/or about drones?

Aside from Trackimo being feature-rich, the most compelling feature is the low cost solution we provide. At $139 MSRP, our product offers what the user wants and needs and it also INCLUDES the 1st years subscription. The subscription renewals are only $60 per year after that so for very little money, we offer a great way to recover a lost drone.

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