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Melbourne Water is using drones to inspect sewage infrastructure

Using drones to inspect sewage infrastructure is a time saver and risk reducer

IT Business News for Australia reported on this great drone use case.  Lets be honest, inspecting sewers is not a job anyone wants.  Using drones to inspect sewage infrastructure feels, intuitively, to be a great fit.  In the article in IT Business news they note:

“From a safety perspective this is effectively a vertical asset,” Courtney said. A usual inspection requires two people to abseil down the face while attempting to locate “anomalies in the concrete structure” and write them down.

“It’s a really inefficient, really dangerous process,” Courtney said. “It’s very costly and very high risk”.

The utility brought in a UAV contractor who flew an Ascending Technologies Falcon 8 over the spillway for 20 minutes. Melbourne Water’s asset managers had high-quality images downloaded from the flight within an hour.

“We took a process that would normally take five or six people over three days, and we took it down to two people in 20 minutes,” Courtney said.

From 15 person days (5-6 people over the course of three days) to 40 person minutes in savings?  If you are not yet excited about using drones this should convince you that they are worth checking out, worth trying to understand.

Using drones to inspect sewage infrastructure is clearly a great idea, the return on investment is clear.  How are you using drones in your business today?

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