Microraptor Pro Cases Review – The 3D Robotics Iris+ Backpack

The team at Skylab Flight Systems takes one of the Microraptor Pro Cases for a test

The team once again puts a product through its paces.  This time read how Kevin puts the Microraptor Pro Tactical Backpack/Duffel to work, giving you a real-world review of one of the Microraptor Pro Cases.

I have already given you the background information on Fuerte Cases and their Microraptor Pro line of cases in a previous post.  This company has a ton of experience providing equipment cases for military/defense applications and to do that, they have a lot of tests that they have to pass first.  Most of those tests far exceed the use that some of these cases will see in civilian use.  What does that mean for you?  It means you are going to get a product that will take all of the abuse that you could throw at it and not break a sweat!

The Microraptor Pro Tactical Backpack/Duffel is made of the tough 1000 Denier fabric.  The unit that I have is made specifically for the 3D Robotics Iris+.  The interior foam is custom cut to fit the Iris+ and everything that originally ships in the box with the drone.  There are also spaces for a tablet and a couple of extra spots for misc. cables or tools and a spot for an extra GoPro too.  The interior of the backpack can hold an equivalent of 45 liters! That’s a lot of space.  The outside of the case has several pockets for you to stash anything extra that you might require.  Empty, the case weighs 5 lbs and measures 24″ x 15″ x 9″.

I want to point a couple of things about the interior space that I particularly liked.  First, there is an adjustable strap that holds the Iris+ in place.  I loved that!  I didn’t have to worry about it shifting around at all.  The other thing that I particularly liked about the interior was that the space under the Iris+ was completely open and allowed for me to keep the gimbal installed.  Yes, other cases do that too.  But the space provided in the Microraptor is actually larger than the space provided in the GoProfessional case.  In the Microraptor, I could keep my Sony HDR-AS100V camera installed.  On the GoProfessional, I could not.  That’s a big deal for me.  I want to be as close to ready to launch as I can be when I get to the location.  The Microraptor allows that to happen for me.  The only thing I have to do is put the propellers on, which takes 2 minutes.

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One of the really cool aspects of the backpack straps is that if you don’t happen to need them, simply disconnect them at the waist area and stow them in the zipper pocket provided for them.  You will never have to worry about ruining your straps when you are just carrying it by the various handles.  The exterior is durable and easy to clean if you get it dirty.  I did and found that it was easy to remove the mud and dirt from the case by using a rag and some water.

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