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Mississippi State University Utilizes Drones

Originally published on AGWired.

Robert Moorehead of Mississippi State University

“Robert Moorehead, Director of Geosystems Research Institute and Northern Gulf Institutes at Mississippi State University, was at the 2015Mid-South Farm & Gin Show to showcase the research being done on harnessing UAV technology on farm.. Moorehead had a chance to chat with Chuck Zimmerman about their use of UAVs and drones.

Geosystems Research focuses on agriculture; they utilize UAV technology to determine plant development, particularly in early-plant corn. Using one of the drones that they had on display, they “can view down to 1/8″ resolution to determine growth problems” or animal impacts, especially from feral hogs.

The number of producers using UAV technologies has steadily grown over the last 2-3 years; it has increased the demand for research that shows cost benefit information in addition to ways to utilize UAV usage on farm.”

Continue to AgWired to hear the interview with Robert Moorehead.

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