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30 Laws in 30 Days: Misuse of drones won’t fly come July 1

At 15 years old, Fuhs had aspirations to work for the then-up-and-coming technology company GoPro. Positions with GoPro require a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and seven years of working experience in a field using filmmaking and graphic design. Rather than waiting to get his degree and then getting work experience, he decided to get ahead on his resume by starting his own company.

Now 20, Fuhs of Washington, Indiana, first discovered the use of drones for photography when he was watching a GoPro video.

“I saw them do this flyover footage at this meeting, and I was like, ‘What in the world is that?’ because they could not afford a helicopter,” he said. “So, I did a little research, and I found this company called DJI, and they hadn’t released a product yet but they were the first commercial drone company.”

From there, Fuhs, with the help of his grandpa, bought his first drone from DJI Drones for $1,200. He started his business with a focus on real estate by taking aerial shots of farmland, and he eventually moved on to shooting for events such as weddings and class reunions.

Fuhs, who will be a junior at Franklin College in the fall, is now pursuing a degree in graphic design and has had the opportunity to travel across the United States, and even Ghana and Ireland for his job.

While he only uses his drone in public spaces and with permission, Fuhs said like many things, drones can be misused and misunderstood.


Source: 30 Laws in 30 Days: Misuse of drones won’t fly come July 1

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