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Nesta’s Flying High Challenge is Delivering on Drone Advancement

While there’s still no shortage of search engine queries referencing public concern and distaste for the growing popularity of drones, it seems for now, as drone advancements and innovation continue to boom, these questions and related scare stories are getting far and fewer in between on this list of sought-out, drone information.

Squashing Fears of Drone Use : The Flying High Challenge

We can thank, in part, large companies like Amazon and Walmart, as well as smaller organizations like real estate agencies and farms who are cashing in on the amazing benefits and precision that drones offer their businesses. These commercial drone applications are seemingly normalizing drone use and exciting the public in its advancement. With such development, questions related to fulfilling public and commercial needs have appeared on the horizon, so it’s not much of a surprise to see the recently launched project, Flying High Challenge. In our books, it was inevitable.

Drones Solving Public Problems

Five UK cities are taking on the challenge with the sole mission of targeting resolution to city-related challenges, business advancements, public services, and more, with each city focusing on a specific drone-use, case study.

“The programme has picked out 13 examples of key use cases of drones that cities may wish to consider. These are: monitoring air pollution; mapping fires; exploring hazardous environments; inspecting large infrastructure; upgrading road networks; delivering goods; transporting people; boosting mobile networks; managing marine ports; overseeing construction sites; responding to traffic accidents; maintaining utilities; and supplying hospitals.”

Programs like Nesta’s Flying High Challenge are not only squashing fears of drone use in the public sector, they’re encouraging both private and commercial users to seek new ways to fulfill their needs with drones. The innovation and excitement that seems to be lacking in America can hopefully take a cue from the desperate advancements we’re seeing from across the pond.

To learn about the Flying High Challenge visit for more info.

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