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Opinion: Arctic Drones should not be banned by the cruise industry

Cruise ship associations are viewing arctic drones as damaging to the environment

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An article on Yahoo news reports this change, noting:

the moratorium was not set because of any specific incidents, but because of the increase in drone use aboard recreational cruise ships.

Inexpensive drones outfitted with cameras can easily be brought on board, where passengers can unleash them unexpectedly on other guests and vulnerable wildlife. They also can be easily lost at sea and contribute to ocean plastic pollution.

While we absolutely support environmental protection we at the Best Drone Info see this as a short-sighted move that does little to protect the environment.  The article goes on to note:

Just one average cruise ship can generate 150,000 gallons of sewage, enough to fill 10 backyard swimming pools. That sewage can legally be dumped straight into the ocean, untreated, if a ship is in international waters and three miles from shore.

Arctic drones, if handled improperly, can negatively impact the environment.  However, a more reasonable reaction by the cruise ship industry would be to put restrictions on the types of drones, the areas within which drones can be used, and even apply penalties and fines for not following guidelines.

The industry should look at this as an opportunity to further extend the arctic experience, to educate, and even to make a few dollars in the process.  Arctic drones, if flown by properly trained hobbyist who are willing to follow common sense guidelines, will not only enhance the tourist experience, but lead to a deeper understanding of the animal population by providing tourist with a clearer vision of the local wildlife.

Arctic drones should not be banned.  They should be understood, managed, and integrated into the cruise experience.

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