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Protecting your privacy – Anti drone technology on the rise

As drones grow in popularity, so too does anti drone technology

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We have shared articles in the past on UAV privacy systems, like this one from our contributors at Flyver on protecting your privacy from drones.   It is not a surprise to see a Japanese company, Alsok, working on anti drone technology for drones.   Japan, who has recently banned the use of drones in public parks, and who is reeling from the drone that landed on the Prime Minister’s office, is a bit on edge and looking for technology solutions.

TechCentral.ie reports:

Alsok’s move follows an incident last month when a quadcopter with trace amounts of radiation was found on the roof of the Japanese prime minister’s office, apparently a protest of the government’s nuclear energy policy.

The system’s high-powered microphones can pick up buzzing sounds from 150 metres away in any direction, and compare them against a database of drone sounds. The system is compatible with Alsok’s Total Track security camera system, which can automatically detect and follow intruders in an area of coverage.

Another possibility is for the drone detectors to work with what Alsok calls ‘hyper security guards’, which are equipped with wearable cameras and other mobile devices. They can be alerted to a drone’s presence for investigation.

What other anti drone technology should we be reporting upon?

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