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Recreational drone pilots eligible for refund from FAA

Casual drone fliers will have an extra $5 to spend after the Federal Aviation Administration announced it would refund the fee recreational drone pilots paid with the required registration of their aircraft.

This comes after a federal appeals court ruled in May that these pilots no longer have to register with the FAA. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit struck down the FAA rule that required recreational drone users to register their aircraft.

In response, the FAA updated the drone registration page on its website,, last week letting pilots who registered their drone and operate it for recreational purposes know that they are eligible to get back their $5 registration fee and can get their registration information deleted from the administration’s records.

But pilots have to ask for it.

Drone hobbyists must mail in a form that the FAA posted online at To qualify, pilots will be required to answer questions that show their drone is used only for recreational purposes and that they adhere to safety guidelines when flying. Those seeking a refund must include banking information so it can be deposited in their account.


Source: Recreational drone pilots eligible for refund from FAA

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