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Release the Kraken – A new underwater drone from India

The Kraken will be capable of underwater surveillance and repair work

We recently updated our description of drones to account for the fact that drones work in the air, in the water, and on land.  With this understanding we will be broadening our coverage a bit further.  We hope that you will enjoy this news as much as you have enjoyed our aerial-only drone coverage.

The Kraken is being developed by a group of students at IIT Kharagpur in India.  The American Bazaar Online is reporting:


BENGALURU: A team of students at IIT Kharagpur have invested their time and energy for developing an ultra-modern autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that can defy the current standard of manually operated drones.

The new AUV named Kraken 3.0 will be capable of conducting underwater surveillance, repair large underwater pipes and even help in finding and retrieving black box of a flight.

The name of the robotic vehicle comes from the legendary sea monster, which is believed to delve deep under the oceans surrounding the areas of Norway and Greenland. The new under water surveillance vehicle Kraken 3.0 is the successor of 2.0 and it is getting ready in the robotics development centre.

A student who is actively involved with the project  was quoted by NDTV saying that the robot will be able to go up to the depth of 10 meters. He also added that the robot, which is a task oriented machine, can also perform a hand-full of other specific tasks.

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