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Review: Film your drone in flight with SoloShot2

SOLOSHOT2 is a system that allows you to automatically film outdoor activities from a distance without a camera operator

SoloShot2First, we welcome our friends at Sklylab Flight Systems as our newest contributors.  Kevin, who we recently interviewed, joined by Dean Honeycutt whom we have also interviewed, will be participating.  This is an exciting time for all of us!

The SoloShot2 is a great solution to the problem of filming yourself, or filming your drone, without the assistance of someone else around.  It is built to follow  a tag embedded on whatever object you are interested in filming.  Anyway, here is Kevin’s take on the SoloShot2, the first of a few articles on the item we suspect.

The first thing that you need to know when you get your very own Soloshot and start setting up to use it is that there are directions for a reason.  This requires your full attention so that you can the output you are looking for in the first place.  It’s up to you to set it up properly though.  Soloshot makes that so much easier by providing you with a handy cheat sheet that walks you through setup, step by step.  It made the entire process so much faster.  Don’t be a fool and try to do this without the cheat sheet!

Once I received the sample package from Soloshot (Thank you Matt!), I opened the suitcase like box and inventoried the contents.  The generous guys at Soloshot sent me the Soloshot2 bundle that includes the Soloshot 2, one tag, the camera controller accessory, as tripod, a Sony Cx240 handycam and all necessary cables.  The box should be kept so you can use it to store or transport your Soloshot2 gear safely. However, me being the geek that I am, I used an extra case that I had in the shop to store it all (you will see in future photos).  My full, final review will list the technical specs and options.

The Soloshot2 requries charging (doesn’t everything though?!) and you can connect it to your computer (this extends the charge time though) or you can use a standard household outlet.  All of the cables you need are included.  Once the Soloshot2 it charged, then you need to charge the tag (this is what Soloshot follows).  I took advantage of the charging time and read the instructions as well as the advanced instructions, all the while becoming more excited about the possibilities this amazing piece of technology affords.

After all of the items were charged, I set out to test my ability to set up the Soloshot2.  Since I was only planning to work on the setup, I didn’t bother to bring my drone with me.  I know I’ve mentioned setup repeatedly so far.  Don’t let that scare you.  It really only takes about 10 minutes to setup correctly and it is ready to go!  Focusing the camera, if you are using the camera controller accessory (this allows Soloshot2 to control zoom & focus!), is the most delicate part and even it is simple as long as you follow the clear instructions on the cheat sheet.

After the setup, I walked all over the place holding the tag and watching in amazement as the Soloshot2 followed me.  I watched the footage after my first setup to see that Soloshot 2 kept me centered in the shot the entire time.  That’s awesome and Soloshot doesn’t complain about the sun or how long it took to get to the shoot location either!

This is only an update though.  I’m not going to post any video of the Soloshot2 in action just yet.  I will tell you that I was able to test the gear today using a drone and the preliminary video review is good.  Now I need to start working with some of the advanced settings to make my footage even better.  I will post a 30 second video in the next few days showing the first drone test.  Then, I’m off to other locations to get some more footage and show you that this system works anywhere!

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