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ShenZhen Art-Tech tells us about the iEagle drone

The ShenZen Art-Tech iEagle drone is another choice for aerial videography

We came across the iEagle drone from ShenZen Art-Tech and it immediately struck us as similar to the DJI Phantom series of drones.  We decided to reach out to the company and learn a bit more.

Q. The iEagle drone looks like it would be a good drone for aerial video, is it primarily designed for this use?

Yes, it’s primarily designed to be a flying aerial photographer,

Q. How does the iEagle drone compare to products like the DJI Phantom 3 for aerial video and photography?

We built the iEagle to have a long flight time, up to 30 minutes.    The camera resolution is 16 mega pixels, but can be replaced with other cameras (such as a GoPro).  The iEagle is designed with anti-shock technology to provide excellent video.

Additionally, we pride ourselves in providing excellent service.

Q. What are some of the exciting technologies that the iEagle drone is making use of today?

We are using a larger propeller and design to provide greater power to the iEagle.  We have successfully built it for longer flight times and more stability.  It is smart and safe.

Q. We know that there are many drone manufacturers in China but are drones popular with hobbyist in China?

Drones are not currently a popular commercial product but is very popular with some hobbyist and professional photography groups.

Q. What laws and regulations does the Chinese government have in place to for hobbyist and for businesses using drones in China?

Yes, the Chinese goverment released regulations stating that drones which weigh less than 7kg should only be flown in open fields or indoors and any drone weighing more than 7kg should be controlled by Civil Aviation Administration or UAV Industry Association.

Q. What should the world understand about the iEagle drone, why should they buy your drones instead of ones from your competitors?

This is our first iEagle product and we are looking forward to continuing to evolve it in the future with additional iEagle drone models.  We are sure that many fans will love it and are looking forward to continuing to partner with them in the future.  This business is a marathon and we are looking forward to running it for many years.

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