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Sky-Futures: Use of Drones for Oil and Gas Inspections

We came across this press release and wanted to share it with our readers.  Using drones for oil and gas inspections is another great example of using drone/uav technology to increase efficiency (dollars and time) while improving employee safety.  We applaud these efforts and look forward to seeing many more.

Drones for Oil and Gas Inspections

Sky-Futures USA, a Houston based company offering drone inspection services to the Oil and Gas industry is today awarded a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Section 333 Exemption permitting the use of its Ascending Technologies Falcon 8 drone in the United States National Air Space (NAS).

Sky-Futures is the world leader in Oil and Gas drone inspections and will now begin commercial operations in the USA. Sky-Futures has a strong track record in the global drone inspection market and has delivered commercial inspections to the world’s largest Oil and Gas companies that include Talisman, Chevron, Conoco Philips and Apache amongst others. It now adds the USA, the biggest potential single source marketplace for commercial drone technology, to its global operations footprint and looks forward to working with its substantial existing client base in the United States of America.

Heading up the team is Sky-Futures USA Vice President Business Development Jason Forte (USAF retd). Jason’s background is as a distinguished veteran armed forces pilot in the USAF amassing over 6,500 hours flying both manned and unmanned aircraft as well as significant Oil and Gas credentials working as an engineer in the Gulf of Mexico after his military career. His unique skillset lends itself perfectly to the rapid deployment of Sky-Futures unmanned operations anticipated in the USA. Responding to the Section 333 Exemption, Jason Forte commented;

“Now Sky-Futures USA can operate commercially, this technology will provide jobs, promote innovation and most importantly lead to improved safety for the Oil and Gas market in America. Our unique blend of veteran unmanned technology expertise and significant Oil and Gas experience is already enhancing safety with proven savings of US $4m+ for offshore drone inspections.  Drone technology allows infrastructure inspections to take place without putting rope-climbers at risk and significantly reduces inspection times and associated costs. These inspections substantially increase the efficiency of inspection and maintenance routines saving clients millions ‘’

Global Operations Director and Co-Founder Chris Blackford says;

‘’We have been preparing for the Section 333 exemption for some time in the USA, with clients ready to commission work upon approval. As a result, the approval granted today allows Sky-Futures USA to immediately begin delivering its cutting edge drone technology service to cut cost, boost efficiency and improve safety on US oil and gas infrastructure in America.’’
About Sky-Futures:
The business is headquartered in London with offices in Houston TX, USA, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Aberdeen in Scotland. Sky-Futures operates around the world providing drone inspection services and unmanned technology solutions to its significant Oil and Gas client-base.

About Sky-Futures:

Founded in 2009, Sky-Futures is the leading specialist Oil and Gas drone inspection provider globally. Using High Definition (HD) video, stills and thermal imagery data that the drones collect, technical reports are written by highly qualified in-house global industry experts in flare systems and structural engineering.
Sky-Futures has over 8500 hours of aviation experience, providing live flare, structural and under deck inspections onshore and offshore. Sky-Futures is growing fast, and is set to continue to grow as the world’s leading drone inspection operator in Oil and Gas. Sky-Futures already has a footprint of over 30 clients globally, and works in over 10 countries across 5 regions of the world.


Notes to Editors:
Jason Forté
VP Business Development
Sky-Futures USA Inc.
E: jforte@sky-futures.com
T: +1 (832) 808-4549
(Please note: Business hours USA Mon-Fri, 9.00 – 17.00).
Katy Kelly
Marketing Assistant
Sky-Futures E: kkelly@sky-futures.com
M: +44 (0)752 387 4178
T: +44 (0)207 148 1920
(Please note: Business hours UK Mon-Fri, 9.00 – 17.00).


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– See more at: http://www.sky-futures.com/sky-futures-usa-awarded-exemption-permitting-use-of-drones-in-usa/#sthash.nRPpz7CM.dpuf

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